Is it Time to Replace the Builder-Grade Windows on Your Home? Get the Facts

Is it Time to Replace the Builder-Grade Windows on Your Home? Get the Facts

Is it Time to Replace the Builder-Grade Windows on Your Home? Get the Facts

Best wishes on your new residence! It’s a big deal to start a new construction project. Nothing compares to the satisfaction of meticulously examining each and every feature of a home. You aren’t inheriting anyone else’s stale options. You can take a deep breath and stand in the middle of your living room and feel terrific.

But I have a question: did you choose a window upgrading package? If you answered no, you have builder-grade windows. You may not have inherited someone else’s out-of-date design ideas, but you did inherit sub-par windows. Your builder’s profit margin was the sole consideration when selecting builder-grade windows.

What is the average lifespan of builder-grade windows?

What exactly is the big deal? Your windows appear to be in good condition at first look. They have glass, after all, and it keeps the rain out, right?

There’s a clock on those windows. A good window will last thirty years, but builder-grade windows will only last approximately five. If you try to stretch it out for another ten years or more, you’ll end up with broken windows.

What are the telltale indicators of a deteriorated window?

The problems with builder-grade windows are frequently minor at first. It could be as simple as jiggling the window to get it to open. It’s a solid sign that the frame is starting to fail if the window feels a little sticky or you’re flexing your biceps trying to open it.

The locks become finicky or the window won’t remain open the next thing you know. Anyone would become anxious if their locks were faulty. You’ve progressed to a hardware issue.

You may be fairly certain that your window’s seal is worn out after the frame and hardware begin to deteriorate. No amount of cleaning will clean the window, which will always seem foggy or milky. The window will have condensation on humid days. When it’s cold outside, frost forms on your windows. The space is no longer pleasant on either end of the spectrum. The window isn’t working.

Why don’t you just wait it out?

If you wait, you may be able to save money on certain items. We’ve all done it: you try to extend the time between haircuts by donning a baseball cap for a few days. It’s not a huge deal.

When it comes to builder-grade windows, however, once they start to fail, you’re wasting money. To make your home more comfortable, you’ll gradually adjust the dials on your thermostat. It’s as if you’re paying a monthly builder-grade window tax only to have a bit more heat or air conditioning.

What are the benefits of replacing those windows?

If you live on a noisy street, getting replacement windows can help. Have you heard the phrase “good fences make good neighbors”? Replacement windows, on the other hand, make for peaceful neighbors.

You can truly unwind in a home that can maintain a steady temperature. It’s pleasurable to do so, and it’s also financially sound. Your monthly rates will be cheaper if you install energy efficient windows. You can see how much of a return on investment this home improvement project has if you sit down with your pencil and calculator.

Is there a certain room in your house that is simply too dark? Do you wish you had a better view of your backyard? Replacing your builder-grade windows is an excellent opportunity to reconsider your expectations. You may improve your home’s curb appeal while also making it feel more spacious and light.

Check to see whether your builder grade windows came with any form of warranty if you have a binder with all of your house’s papers. When compared to excellent windows, most builder grade windows have short warranties. Contact Progressive Insulation & Windows at (800) 500-6200 to learn more about replacement windows and energy efficiency upgrades.

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