Why New Windows?

Discover the many benefits of window replacement.

If you’re in the market for new windows, you no doubt already have at least one answer to the question “Why New Windows?” But maybe you are still a little uncertain about your decision. You might be wondering if new windows will truly bring all the benefits you expect, and if the project will be cost-effective.

When you work with Progressive to source and install your new windows, we believe the answer to these questions will be a resounding “Yes!”

Here are a few of the main benefits of new, high-quality replacement windows:


The only element a properly installed, properly insulated window should be letting into your home is light. Unfortunately, older windows also tend to allow in lots of air drafts as well as noise. Sometimes this may be due to settling and shifting of an older home, while in other cases poor product quality or sloppy initial installation may be to blame. In any case, new windows from Progressive can help keep out drafts and noise for a dramatic improvement in the comfort of your living spaces.

Energy Efficiency

Air drafts aren’t the only way that old windows can suck money right out of your wallet. Solar heat gain via old window glass can also cause your home’s energy efficiency to suffer and your energy bills to rise. According to Sempra Energy, single pane windows can account for 33 percent of the total heat lost from a home in the winter and up to 75 percent of the heat gained in the summer. Of course, if you want to know the figures for your home an energy audit would be needed.

By installing new windows, you can take advantage of new designs that limit drafts plus features that fight solar heat gain, such as window frames made from materials with low thermal conductivity and Low E glass that can reduce heat pass-through by up to 80 percent.

Investment Value

Energy-efficient replacement windows can pay for themselves in energy savings, but this is not the only reason they are a good investment. According to Realtor Magazine Online’s 2014 Cost vs Value report, replacing old windows helps boost the resale value of a home.

The report considered two window replacement projects, each of which involved the replacement of 10 double hung Low E glass windows measuring 3×5 feet. The difference between the two projects was whether wood or vinyl windows were used.

On average, homeowners in the Los Angeles area recouped 91.4 percent of the cost of their vinyl replacement windows and 95.2 percent of the cost of their wood replacement windows, which seems to confirm that replacement windows make an excellent investment!

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