Energy Efficiency

Boost your home’s energy efficiency with help from Progressive.

Energy Efficiency

Did you know that some experts estimate that in the average home, air leaks accounts for anywhere from one third to one half of the total heat loss from the building? Many homes have so many air leaks it is equivalent to leaving a window open all year round.

Insufficient insulation and sealing, particularly around doors and windows, is a primary culprit for this problem. The good news is that you can turn to Progressive Insulation & Windows for expert assistance in identifying and correcting sources of air leakage for a more energy-efficient and comfortable home.

The process involves 3 main steps:

Energy Audit: By getting an energy audit from our trained technicians, you can pinpoint the location of your worst air leaks as well as obtain numerical data that will help quantify how much air and energy is being lost. Our technicians can perform a variety of tests to determine the total air loss for your home, including blower door testing. Infrared imaging is also useful for finding places where insulation is missing or insufficient.

Free Proposal: Based on the information uncovered in your energy audit, we can provide expert recommendations for improvements that can help reduce air leakage and lower your energy bills. Common suggestions include replacing old, drafty windows and doors and bringing your insulation up to today’s standards. Our proposals always come with no pressure and no obligations and we never rush clients to a decision.

Professional Installation: If you decide to move forward with your project, you can rely on Progressive to source high-quality materials for you and install them to strict quality standards. After all, even the most-energy efficient window won’t actually save you money unless it is installed correctly. We’ll get your project done on time and on budget so you can begin reaping the energy savings from your upgraded home right away.

Ready to Learn More?

If you suspect your home is leaking air, energy, and money, but you aren’t sure if you need a full-blown energy audit just yet, please contact Progressive anyway. We can offer a free in-home consultation to answer basic questions and see if any opportunities for window, door, or insulation upgrades exist.

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