Learn why you must pair quality products with quality installation.


Whether you are purchasing new windows, new doors, or new insulation, proper installation is absolutely essential if you want to reap the energy efficiency and comfort improvements promised by the product.

Here’s what happens all too often: You buy a top-of-the-line window with the latest energy efficiency features. Your contractor measures the opening correctly, but the window doesn’t quite fit plumb because the home has shifted and settled over the years. Many contractors consider the fit good enough and do not bother to seal the tiny gaps with insulation. This creates dead air space around the window, which allows outdoor air, wind, noise, and potentially even rain to enter your home. Naturally this completely defeats the purpose of having a new energy-efficient window.

Progressive is Different

You don’t have to worry about shoddy installation work compromising the integrity and efficiency of your windows when you work with Progressive. We always include proper insulation in our bids for window replacement projects—we don’t wait for you to ask for it! As a C-17 and C-2 Licensed contractor, we are experts in window installation and sealing, and we understand the exact right type and amount of insulation that is needed. Plus, we are always careful to provide top-quality finish work, including custom cut and painted interior wood trim, to ensure your new windows look their best. We hold our installation crews to similarly high standards for door and insulation projects.

What Happens on Installation Day?

Whether you are purchasing new windows, doors, or insulation, your installation will be scheduled at a time and date that is convenient for you. On the big day, we will touch base with you to make sure we’re aware of any special instructions you may have. Then, we will lay down protective coverings to keep debris off your floors and furnishings. We can remove and dispose of old materials as needed before moving on to the actual installation work. Our crews work quickly but carefully to ensure all gaps and voids get closed up for the best possible energy efficiency and comfort from your project. Once the work is done, we clean up thoroughly. We even remove the labels from new windows for you and clean the glass. Finally, we walk through the property with you to make sure you are 100 percent satisfied with the installation.

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