Protect your home from high energy bills with new insulation.

InsulationWhen you need new insulation, you need the pros at Progressive Insulation & Windows. We’ve been installing all kinds of insulation since 1978, and we are always careful to keep up with the latest and greatest products and installation techniques to make sure our customers get the best value for their money.

We can handle any insulation job with the utmost professionalism and skill, even in cases requiring specialty solutions. For example, buildings with flat roofs or cathedral ceilings often have very limited space for attic insulation, but we can help you select the right product for such an application and provide expert installation.

We stock a variety of different types of cotton cellulose and fiberglass insulation suitable for any application, including insulating attics, walls, ceilings, and subfloors.

Insulation Retrofits

Older homes face two challenges when it comes to insulation. First of all, they may have never had proper insulation. It’s not unusual for us to find that in homes built before 1976, the original builders did not include any insulation at all. Insulation may have been added since, but it may be insufficient to meet the building’s needs and it is almost certainly not up to the latest standards set by CalGreen 2010.

The second problem we find in older homes is dirty or damaged insulation. Over time, insulation (especially the products used in past decades) can settle, reducing its efficiency. Water damage can also impair the efficiency of insulation, as can damage from rodents or bugs. If you notice dirt accumulating on your insulation, this is a sign that your insulation is no longer serving as a barrier to airflow, but is instead allowing air to pass through.

Fortunately, you can rely on Progressive for expert assistance with insulation retrofits large and small. We can quickly and neatly remove old insulation as needed and provide professional installation of new products, providing a complete layer of protection for your home with no gaps or leaks.

New Construction

Thanks to the latest building standards, as well as energy-neutral goals set by the California Public Utilities Commission, new construction now requires advanced insulation systems. With Progressive as your partner, you can rest assured that the insulation installed in your new construction project will meet or even exceed the latest standards for health, safety, and energy efficiency.

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