Why Insulate?

Improve the comfort of your home and lower energy bills with quality insulation.

For many years, people thought of insulation as something better suited to cold, northern climates than to southern California. However, the reality is that insulation is just as useful for keeping hot air out in warm climates as for keeping warm air inside in cold climates. Heat has a natural tendency to move from warmer areas to colder ones, but by creating a barrier full of tiny air pockets, insulation helps slow this process dramatically.

In fact, in the past few years the benefits of insulation for Californians have been recognized with new building goals and standards. For example, in October of 2007, the California Public Utilities Commission set a goal of building only energy-neutral new homes by 2020. Advanced insulation systems were identified as a key component in these new homes, necessary for helping to reduce the homes’ energy consumption to the point where energy needs could be met by on-site energy generating systems such as solar arrays. In 2010, the Civil Building Code was updated to include many requirements related to advanced insulation and energy efficiency.

What Benefits Can Insulation Bring to Your Home?

Energy Efficiency

The number one benefit of proper insulation is improved energy efficiency. If your home was built before the CalGreen building standard of 2010, there is definitely potential for an energy efficiency update. If it was built before 1976 you may discover it has no insulation at all, in which case your air conditioner might as well just be pumping out cooled air into the out of doors. There are many different places where insulation may be added, and you can rely on our expert technicians to help you create a cost-effective plan for improving your insulation so you can save money on your energy bills.


Once heat transfer is controlled with proper insulation, it becomes much easier for your heating and cooling equipment to maintain constant, comfortable temperatures inside your home. Plus, in addition to providing a barrier against heat, insulation also works to block sound. This is a very important side benefit to installing insulation, especially if you have concerns about noise pollution from a busy street, or about the noise from conversations, appliances, or media equipment traveling from room to room inside your home.


One final benefit of insulation is that it helps add to the resale value of your home. After all, with energy costs rising, and with energy efficiency standards continuing to evolve to support better and better insulation systems on new construction, it is important for older properties to retrofit their insulation or else risk becoming very unattractive to buyers.

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