How Much Does It Cost Not to Replace Your Current Windows?

How Much Does It Cost Not to Replace Your Current Windows?

How Much Does It Cost Not to Replace Your Current Windows?

It is understandable that one of the most common questions we get at Progressive Insulation & Windows is how much it costs to replace windows. The truth is that while new windows are an investment, the better question to ask is this: how much does it cost not to replace your windows? Keep reading to get an idea and then contact us at (800) 500-6200 for a free window estimate.

You Can Save Money on Utilities Right Away

Many people don’t realize just how bad the energy efficiency is on older windows. While other projects in your home might not pay off for a while, this is not the case with your windows. Not only do you instantly raise the value of your home, but you will start to see lower energy bills right away. You will no longer have heated or cooled air slipping out the window – your hard earned money right along with it.

You Will Not Have to Waste Money on Repairs

If you have windows that have seen better days and you decide to repair them rather than replace them, know that you should expect to do that again – and soon. Once windows are old enough that they start needing repairs, you can count on more repairs to come in the near future. Older windows also required more maintenance than today’s windows, which means you’ll be spending money on that too. Get new windows and enjoy the fact that they are virtually maintenance-free.

You Will See a Higher Home Value

The moment you have new windows installed in your home, you can expect that the value of your home will go up. That is, of course, as long as you have quality windows installed by an experienced company. Whether you’re trying to have your home refinanced and need a higher appraisal value or you are thinking of selling it and what to get the best return on your investment, this immediate boost in value can be helpful.

You Will Need to Replace Them Eventually – Why Not Now?

Why wait for more repairs, more lost money on utilities, and more taped windows when you will eventually replace your windows? Trust us when we tell you that you will be very glad you have replaced your windows – especially when you work with our experienced associates. Call Progressive Insulation & Windows at (800) 500-6200 to get your quote and learn more about your options.

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