Your Simple Guide to Choosing More Energy Efficient Windows in Southern California

Your Simple Guide to Choosing More Energy Efficient Windows in Southern California

Your Simple Guide to Choosing More Energy Efficient Windows in Southern CaliforniaA homeowner considers the installation of new windows as a long-term investment. They desire windows that are beautiful, sturdy, and low maintenance. But one of the most crucial things they ought to consider is how energy-efficient their windows are.

Even while they could be expensive in some situations, the additional insulation they provide can assist save money on utilities and almost pay for themselves. A number of factors can make one window more energy-efficient than another. For additional information, call Progressive Insulation & Windows at (800) 500-6200 after reading on to learn more about those aspects.

Decide on insulating frames

When it comes to energy efficiency, window frames can make a significant difference. There are many different kinds of window frames, but the most common ones are made of fiberglass, aluminum, vinyl, or wood. Even with the use of thermal brakes to stop heat loss, aluminum will provide you with the least amount of insulation.

Although wood doesn’t require a lot of maintenance, homeowners frequently love the way it looks. Fiberglass windows require extremely little upkeep, are highly insulating, and, if desired, can mimic the look of wood. In actuality, they come in a variety of hues and finishes. Additionally, fiberglass frames don’t expand or contract in response to weather changes, so you won’t have to worry about teeny holes appearing over time.

Choose energy-efficient window panes

The kind of window pane you want for your windows is another thing to think about. Air will become trapped between the glass panes if you pick multi-pane glass. This aids in insulating your house from the cold and heat. Some double-pane windows have an insulating material between the panes, like Argon, Krypton, or another inert gas.

We also provide Low-E glass coatings at Progressive Insulation & Windows, which reflect infrared light and help to keep your house warm in the winter and cool in the summer. The last component of multi-pane windows that you should be aware of is spacers. The component that actually divides the glass panes is called a spacer. The pain’s edges are insulated, which reduces heat transfer.

How much of a difference can windows that are energy efficient make?

Studies show that switching to energy-efficient windows might cut your utility costs by as much as 20%. You should examine a few things as you weigh your selections. The U-Factor, a measure of energy efficiency, comes first. Any score between .15 and .26 is regarded as being good.

Additionally, you’ll consider air filtering. The ideal value for this is .5, or power. A solar heat gain coefficient of 0 .29 or less is ideal. For triple-pane windows, the visual transmittance should be greater than .40, and for double-pane windows, it should be greater than .50. We provide these figures to you as a guide, but don’t worry; we can explain what each one of them means to you.

Call Progressive Insulation & Windows at (800) 500-6200 to learn more about your window alternatives. We’re here to help you make the most of your new windows in terms of efficiency and enjoyment.

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