Window Flashing is Important: Learn How to Tell if It is Installed Correctly

Window Flashing is Important: Learn How to Tell if It is Installed Correctly

Window Flashing is Important: Learn How to Tell if It is Installed Correctly

Window flashing is an important part of your windows. If you have recently had windows installed then you may be wondering: Were my windows installed correctly. Read on to learn how to tell if your flashing has been installed well. If you are in need of new windows and / or window installation, contact Progressive Insulation & Windows at (800) 500-6200 for assistance.

First: What is Window Flashing?

First and foremost, it is important to understand what window flashing is and why it is so important that it has been installed correctly. Also known as weatherproof strips, window flashing is thin, flexible, and made to ensure that windows are waterproof at their joints. It can be used not just on windows but also to waterproof chimneys, vent pipes, and doors.

When you have your windows installed, your installer should use flashing to ensure that your windows have a waterproof barrier. There are a number of materials they can use for flashing, including rubber, steel, aluminum, and acrylic. Regardless of the material, the most important factor is that it is installed correctly. Window flashing can be easily concealed so you do not have to look at it after it has been installed.

Signs Flashing Has Not Been Installed Correctly

It used to be that a contractor installing a window would frequently cut x-marks into the house wrap, put the window in, and be done with it. This led to regular mold and water damage for homeowners. This is why trusted window companies will not do this. If you see your contractor attempt to penetrate your home envelope and push a window in, do not allow them to continue installing your window.

Another shortcut that a window installer may make is to wrap the windows from behind. They do this in an attempt to make it look as though they have completed the flashing installation. The truth is that it needs to be installed around the entire widow, both front and back. Take a walk around to determine that they have done the work correctly before signing of on anything.

Ho to Tell That Flashing Has Been Installed Correctly

The best practice is for the contractor to cut the house wrap and tuck the bottom of the house wrap inside the house. Then they can seal it with sill flashing tape. This same process should be completed on the sides to ensure that the window is protected on all three sides. A good sign that your contractor is completing this correctly is being able to see the top of the house wrap hanging loose.

If you need a contractor you can trust to install your windows correctly then you need Progressive Insulation & Windows. Contact us at (800) 500-6200 and we will get started for you right away.

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