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Discover the top 10 reasons people buy from Progressive.

Are you looking for a contractor you can trust with your next big window, door, or insulation installation or replacement job? The following top 10 reasons people buy from Progressive should make your decision simple.

We’re Licensed: If you want your windows, doors, and insulation installed right, hiring a state licensed contractor is very important. However, don’t settle for a general contractor with a B-license. You need a company like Progressive that also has the specialty licenses required for expert window installation (C-17 license) and insulation installation (C-2 license). Our license number is 418046.

We’re Established: Progressive has a long history of providing top-quality products in our local communities. We’ve been doing insulation since 1978 and doors and windows since 1990. We thrive on referrals and even today 75 percent of our business comes to us on the recommendation of happy customers. If you don’t have a referral, we can provide hundreds of references.

We Have a Showroom: New windows, doors, or insulation is a very important investment. Don’t you want to SEE your product choices in person before you commit? Our showroom gives you the ability to see products installed in a wall and test how windows open, see how doors look, and understand how different types of insulation fit with no gaps, no voids and no compression.

We’re Consistent: Some contractors sell a job based on their own reputation, and then farm out the actual work to sub-contractors of dubious quality. This doesn’t happen at Progressive. All of our installers are fully trained W-2 employees of our company, not sub-contractors, which means we are able to guarantee the same high-quality workmanship and service to every client we serve.

We Trained the Pros: Lots of companies will assure you that they know everything there is to know about the products and services they offer. But have they ever been called on to work with national and state organizations to share their expertise? We have. We produced a training video for state building inspectors in cooperation with the California Energy Commission and the North American Insulation Manufacturer’s Association. We also appeared on national TV to demonstrate new types of insulation to Bob Vila.

We Provide Detailed, No-Pressure Written Estimates: Whenever the total cost of a project is more than $500, contractors must provide a written estimate. It’s the law. A number scrawled on the back of a business card isn’t enough—you need a formal estimate written to L-2 or L-3 specifications that includes the exact type and amount of materials to be used on the job. This is exactly what you get from Progressive. We listen to your needs, contribute our expertise, and provide a free proposal for the job complete with a reliable price estimate.

We Measure Twice: The old saying “measure twice, cut once” is taken very seriously at Progressive. We want to make absolutely sure we get the job done perfectly on the first try, so we are always careful to recommend the best products for every job and measure every opening twice to make sure we order the correct sizes. You don’t have to worry about sloppy work delaying your project when you work with us.

We’re Courteous: At Progressive, we respect you and your property. We show up on time for installation appointments, and before beginning work we lay down plastic sheeting to protect your furnishings and flooring. All employees are held to a high standard and you can rest assured there will be no smoking, foul language, radios or loud music on your job site when you work with us.

We Guarantee Our Work with a One-Call Warranty: Our installation process exceeds industry standards, and the vast majority of our clients never have a problem. However, if you do have an issue, all you have to do is make one phone call to Progressive. We match all manufacturer product warranties with an equal labor warranty and we’ll come make it right ASAP.

We Have Zero Complaints on the BBB: Our goal is to make customers for life by providing the very best products, services, and pricing. We think the fact that we have achieved an A+ rating on the Better Business Bureau, with zero customer complaints submitted, is proof we’re meeting this goal. Want more proof? Customers rate us 10 out of 10 on post-job surveys nearly 99.9 percent of the time.

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