Where to Start with Home Renovations – Learn What Should Be Done First

Where to Start with Home Renovations – Learn What Should Be Done First

Where to Start with Home Renovations – Learn What Should Be Done First

If you are thinking about taking on some home renovations, then you likely have the same question many people have in your position: where should you start? We have given you the facts about what to first consider so that you can make go about your renovation in the wisest way possible. If you are considering adding new windows to your home, contact Progressive Insulation & Windows at (800) 500-6200, and we can get started.

Begin with Structural Changes

The best idea is to start with structural changes. Yes, windows are structural. If you are adding windows, replacing them with larger windows, or moving windows, then you will want to start with this. Why? Imagine that you started by painting your walls. Then a few weeks later, you were going to replace your windows, which would then damage the paint you’ve done. Get the structural stuff done first so that everything else will be preserved.

Consider Energy Efficiency

If you want the maximum return on your renovation investment, it is wise to consider how to make your home more energy-efficient. This does not have to mean installing solar panels or other items specifically used to boost energy efficiency, but when you are buying new or replacement materials, it is wise to consider how energy efficient it is.

Determine What Your Design Will Be

Before you can start in earnest on any upgrade or remodel, it is important to have an overall idea of what your design will be. You do not want to install new countertops in a contemporary style, only to get to the rest of the kitchen and realize that you actually want a country-inspired look. Having an overall and comprehensive plan before you start is essential.

Start with Projects That Give the Best Results

Once you have the above figured out, work on the projects with the largest bang for your buck first. If you start with smaller projects, it will take much longer to start seeing progress. This can make it difficult to keep going and can make it start to seem as though the upgrades are not worth it. Instead of this, start with something that will give you immediate results so you can be impressed with how the work is going.

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