What to Do if You Break a Window: Get Expert Advice from the Window Professionals

What to Do if You Break a Window: Get Expert Advice from the Window Professionals

What to Do if You Break a Window: Get Expert Advice from the Window Professionals

Although no one enjoys hearing a window break, it happens to someone every day. Even though it happens frequently, Progressive Insulation & Windows has found that many homeowners are unsure about what to do. If you need help installing new windows in your home, call us at (800) 500-6200. Alternatively, keep reading to learn the first steps to take.

Clean up the glass first

Your first step will be to make sure your home is as safe as possible. Remove any furniture or other large objects that are blocking the window to start. If they have glass on them, keep them covered and clean each one separately.

Next, carefully sweep up the larger pieces of glass using your broom. By picking up substantial glass fragments, many people try to finish this step. Don’t forget that it’s razor-sharp—possibly much sharper than you think. A catastrophic cut might happen from even a small error. Always use the broom to gather the largest pieces before discarding them.

After getting rid of the larger fragments of glass, pull your broom out once again and sweep the floor to get rid of the smaller pieces. then discard them. Use your vacuum to thoroughly clean the carpeted floor. Make sure you’re wearing thick-soled shoes to do this. If the floor is tile or linoleum, give it a good mopping.

To clean hard-to-reach tiny spaces like corners, use the vacuum hose attachment. If it doesn’t work, pick up any last tiny, stray pieces of glass with some duct tape. Use your hose attachments and/or brushes to remove all of the glass when washing your furniture.

Shield the glass of your vacant window

To gently remove the glass if it is still affixed to the frame, don a pair of heavy work gloves. If they are, let them remain attached to the frame; do not attempt to remove them. Then, cut a sturdy cardboard piece to fit over the glass. To hold it in place, wrap it in duct tape. This will help lessen the amount of harm the elements do.

Schedule a consultation with a window expert

The time has come to speak with a seasoned window installation. You may get brand-new windows from Progressive Insulation & Windows to help make your home more aesthetically pleasing, secure, and energy efficient. We’re prepared to visit your home, determine your needs, and give you an estimate there. Calling (800) 500-6200 is all it takes to get in contact with us. We look forward to working with you!

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