What is Window Flashing and Why is It So Important for Energy Efficiency in Your Home?

What is Window Flashing and Why is It So Important for Energy Efficiency in Your Home?

What is Window Flashing and Why is It So Important for Energy Efficiency in Your Home?Your windows’ window flashing is an essential component. To determine whether your flashing has been installed correctly, continue reading. Call Progressive Insulation & Windows at (800) 500-6200 for assistance if you require new windows and/or window installation.

What is window flashing, first of all?

Prior to anything else, it’s critical to comprehend what window flashing is and why it’s crucial that it’s been done properly. Window flashing, also referred to as weatherproof strips, is a thin, flexible material used to make sure that windows are waterproof at their joints. In addition to windows, it can be used to waterproof doors, chimneys, and vent pipes.

Your window installer should use flashing while installing your windows to ensure that they have a waterproof barrier. They may make flashing out of a variety of materials, such as rubber, steel, aluminum, and acrylic. The most crucial aspect, regardless of the material, is that it is put properly. After installation, window flashing is simply hidden so you won’t have to look at it.

The incorrect installation of flashing

When installing windows, contractors used to commonly make x-marks in the house wrap, install the window, and be finished. For homeowners, this resulted in typical mold growth and water damage. Trusted window companies won’t act in this manner because of this. Do not permit your contractor to continue installing your window if you witness them attempting to break through your home’s exterior and push a window in.

Wrapping the windows from behind is an additional shortcut that a window installer could use. They try to make it look like they have finished installing the flashing by doing this. In actuality, it must be put all the way around the window, front and rear. Before agreeing to anything, take a look around to be sure the work has been done appropriately.

How to determine if flashing has been correctly installed

The contractor should cut the house wrap and tuck the bottom inside the house as this is recommended practice. After that, sill flashing tape can be used to seal it. To guarantee that the window is protected on all three sides, repeat this procedure on the sides. Seeing the top of the house wrap hanging loosely is a clue that your contractor is doing this job correctly.

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