Three Reasons You Don’t Have to Worry if You Choose Us for Your Window Installation

Three Reasons You Don’t Have to Worry if You Choose Us for Your Window Installation

Three Reasons You Don’t Have to Worry if You Choose Us for Your Window Installation

When it is time to have new windows installed, there is no question that you will have options. However, at Progressive Insulation & Windows, we know we are the best option. Continue reading to discover just three of the reasons that we believe you will not have to worry if you choose us. Then call us at (800) 500-6200 for a free estimate or to get answers to any questions you have.

  1. We Take Windows Out One at a Time
  2. When some people imagine having new windows installed, they imagine having someone come to their home, remove all the windows, and leave the house until they can come back the next day to replace them. This is not how it is done at all. We take windows out one at a time to ensure that your home is not exposed to the elements, that you can keep your home at a comfortable temperature, and reduce any inconvenience to you.

  3. We Carefully Measure Your Windows
  4. One of the reasons it is important to hire a professional for window installation is that we can carefully measure your windows to make sure that the right windows are ordered and installed. If you do not hire a professional either for the measurement or the installation, you might not end up with windows that perfectly fit.

    We do not leave your home until your windows are perfectly installed. We make sure that all areas around your windows are sealed both for protection and to improve your home’s energy efficiency.

  5. We Keep the Mess to a Minimum
  6. Yet another reason that people often put off having new windows installed is that they worry that it will be very messy. They often wait until they can deal with having a mess for days or even weeks at a time, but the time when that type of situation would be convenient never comes.

It is true that there is no way to do this job without getting a speck of dust in your home, but it is also true that we take very good care of your home. We cover your flooring and anything else that could be damaged with a tarp. We move furniture away from windows when necessary. We clean up behind ourselves and do not leave trash, stray nails, or any debris.

Call Now and Let Us Get Your New Windows Installed

There is no better time to contact Progressive Insulation & Windows than right now. You can reach out at (800) 500-6200 with any questions or to set up an appointment for measurements and more.

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