Three Great Investments You Can Make into Your Home to Increase Value for Years to Come

Three Great Investments You Can Make into Your Home to Increase Value for Years to Come

Three Great Investments You Can Make into Your Home to Increase Value for Years to Come

You want to obtain the best value when you choose to make an investment in your house. When making an investment to upgrade or otherwise improve your house, it can be challenging to determine what will last the test of time and offer the greatest long-term value. Here at Progressive Insulation & Windows, we’re ready to provide three home improvement project suggestions that could boost your property’s worth now and for the foreseeable future.

  1. Have real wood floors installed in your house
  2. For good reason, hardwood floors are often preferred by homebuyers to carpeted floors. When properly maintained, they can last more than a century and don’t retain dust or aggravate allergies the way carpets do. The floor could start to appear a little rough or dull with time, but all it needs is to be sanded down and refinished to look brand-new.

  3. Put in new windows for your house
  4. It would be difficult to describe all the benefits of installing new windows in your home because there are so many. The energy efficiency of your home can be significantly improved by new windows, and over time, this can more than offset the expense of window replacement. The excellent UV-ray blocking features of more recent windows can help your carpets, furniture, and other items last longer because they won’t fade in the sun.

In contrast to older windows, which rust, pit, and rot as well as collect moisture, newer windows don’t do any of these things. Progressive Insulation & Windows offers great warranties on both the goods we sell and the work we execute. More than simply something to look through, windows are a terrific opportunity to increase the curb appeal of your house, make it more energy efficient, and make a lifetime investment.

Improve the insulation of your house

You should take insulation seriously if energy efficiency is something you’re serious about. If your house is older, you can have two different insulation issues to deal with. First, you might never have had the proper kind or quantity of insulation. Many of the homes we’ve dealt with were constructed in 1976 or earlier and had essentially no insulation. It’s unlikely that it complies with the most recent CalGreen regulations, even if insulation was applied after the event.

In older homes that originally had adequate insulation, the insulation is sometimes broken or filthy and no longer performing as well. The previous products were less effective since they quickly settled. Insulation can be impacted if there has ever been water damage to your property. It might also be further harmed by other problems like rodents and insects.

The good news is that modern items are more effective than earlier ones were made of materials. They are also built to endure over time. Call Progressive Insulation & Windows at (800) 500-6200 if you’re ready to add insulation to your house or simply want to find out if it would be a viable option for you.

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