The Cost of Poor Insulation May Be Higher Than You Think

The Cost of Poor Insulation May Be Higher Than You Think

The Cost of Poor Insulation May Be Higher Than You Think

No matter how well your HVAC system is working, if your home is not insulated correctly then you could be paying a lot more than you need to for your monthly heating and cooling bills. Why waste money when you don’t have to? At Progressive Insulation & Windows we find that many people don’t realize how energy inefficient their home is and those that do don’t realize just how much it is costing them.

Today we are going to look at how much it is costing the average homeowner if their home is not properly insulated. Though your results will vary based on a variety of factors, these numbers should give you an idea of the savings available when you insulate your home. If you are ready for your own free energy audit and insulation consultation, contact us at (800) 500-6200 today.

A look at the average cost of heating and cooling a home

According to an exhaustive study, the national average price of installing air conditioning is about $5,400 and installing a furnace costs an average of $4,239. When these units are properly maintained, they last about a decade. The costs of the HVAC equipment itself should be figured into any estimate of how much it costs to heat and cool a home.

The U.S. Energy Information Agency found that the average electricity rate across the country is about $0.12 per kW. Though the kW will vary based on the unit, you can consider that a unit that uses 3kW (or 3,000 watts) is going to cost about $0.36 to run per hour and around $8.60 for the day. This may seem low but consider that thirty days of this can add up.

Consider as well that it can cost much more to heat and cool a home in various months of the year. In California, the cost of cooling the average home for the summer is $980 – and that is not taking the cost of heating during cooler months.

How energy efficient is your home?

When a family wants to reduce their utilities, they often first look to their HVAC unit. The reality is that though you do want an efficient HVAC system, there are many other factors that affect how energy efficient your home is. First, you should consider whether or not you have the right insulation. If you do not, then you can expect that cooled air and heated air are both escaping your home. Even if you properly seal your doors and windows, a lack of insulation can allow treated air to get out through the walls, floor, and roof.

Note that poor energy efficiency does more than cost you money on your monthly bills – it can also result in your HVAC system not lasting as long. How? If it takes more energy to heat or cool your home, then this means that your unit is working harder than it needs to, which is likely to reduce its lifespan. If you are ready for your own free energy audit then we welcome you to contact Progressive Insulation & Windows at (800) 500-6200.

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