Learn How to Get What You Love About Wood Windows without All the Disadvantages of Wood

Learn How to Get What You Love About Wood Windows without All the Disadvantages of Wood

Learn How to Get What You Love About Wood Windows without All the Disadvantages of Wood

Many people adore the appearance of wood windows, but they are aware that it is wiser to spend money on more durable windows. Fiberglass or vinyl are typically the best options. The good news is that while vinyl windows that mimic wood won’t be found, fiberglass windows that mimic wood can be found; however, these windows won’t decay, warp, or be prone to termites.

Additionally, you won’t need to paint them annually. There are numerous benefits to choosing these windows versus wood or vinyl. Keep reading to learn more about new windows that look like wood and then contact Progressive Insulation & Windows at (800) 500-6200 for help with window installation and much more.

Replacement windows made of fiberglass give the best of all possible worlds

You have a few major options if you need to replace your windows. Wood windows, as was already said, have a beautiful appearance but need frequent upkeep. Aluminum windows are incredibly strong and reasonably priced, but they are not energy efficient and do not resemble wood at all. Although vinyl windows are strong and energy-efficient, they lack the appearance of wood. The only material left is fiberglass, which can be manufactured to look like wood and is inexpensive, resilient, and energy-efficient.

Fiberglass provides a wood-like appearance with far greater durability

The fact that fiberglass windows don’t need maintenance and continue to look wonderful for many years is one of the key reasons why people pick them. They don’t require painting or staining to prevent weathering, and they won’t harbor bug infestations. They last, on average, 38% longer than vinyl and are far more robust. The frames and panes will expand and contract in the same manner because fiberglass is made of the same material as your window panes, hence reducing seal failure.

There are many color and finish options for fiberglass

Even though painting wood might be extremely difficult, many homeowners find themselves doing it in order to have their windows match the color scheme of their house. Since vinyl is fundamentally made of plastic and plastic is difficult to paint, vinyl cannot be repainted. In reality, painting vinyl windows puts them at danger of warping and is likely to void your guarantee. Conversely, fiberglass windows may be painted in any color with greater ease.

Wood windows are substantially less energy-efficient than fiberglass ones

Heat enters your home through window panes, window frames, and small cracks in the wall and window frame seals. Multiple panes of glass insulate your window panes, but window frames do not. The kind of material the frame is built of is important for this reason. Although both fiberglass and vinyl are great insulators, holes in the seals are significantly less common with fiberglass windows.

As you can see, there are numerous benefits to choosing fiberglass windows over wood ones. Call Progressive Insulation & Windows at (800) 500-6200 for assistance if you’re curious to learn more about your possibilities.

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