How to Assess a Home’s Windows as You Look for a Home to Buy

How to Assess a Home’s Windows as You Look for a Home to Buy

How to Assess a Home’s Windows as You Look for a Home to Buy

You have a lot to think about when buying a new house. While you’re probably thinking about the square footage and location, keep in mind that there are a number of other factors to consider before making an offer, including the windows. Remember that windows are replaceable and won’t likely make or break the purchase, but the condition of the windows – and the cost of replacing them — should be considered when determining the amount of your offer.

Are the windows painted shut?

If the home you’re contemplating purchasing is older, you can expect that at least one of the windows will be broken. Wood windows, which are found in many older homes, must be kept in good repair or they may decay. They were often painted at some point, and as time passed and they remained close together, the wood swelled to the point where they could no longer open.

This isn’t simply a blight on the landscape. It can put your safety and ventilation at risk. In other situations, it may even prevent a home from passing an inspection. Remember that windows can save your life in the case of a fire, and if you can’t open all of your windows, you’re in for a hot summer.

Is there any damage to the windows?

Of course, you’ll notice any fractures in the windows and may demand that the owner repair them before you take ownership. However, if you’re working with older single-pane windows, remember that patching a crack is like putting a band-aid on a wound that needs sutures. If your windows are cracked, you should seriously evaluate if it would be wiser to replace them entirely.

Are there any drafts coming in via the windows?

Examine the windows in your home to check whether they are let outside air in. If they are, you have a problem with the seals. Caulk or weather stripping may be adequate to stop it in certain circumstances, but they are only temporary remedies if you’re dealing with poor-quality windows to begin with. You should investigate replacement windows with expert installation once again.

Is it possible to find single-pane windows?

Single-pane windows are a common sight. However, keep in mind that they can account for up to 25% of an older home’s energy bills. If you’re deciding between two homes that are otherwise identical but one has double pane windows and the other has single pane windows, the double pane windows should be enough to sway you. Keep in mind that they also provide some security, minimize noise, and are far more energy efficient.

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