Get Tips to Keep Your Pets from Damaging Your Brand-New Windows

Get Tips to Keep Your Pets from Damaging Your Brand-New Windows

Get Tips to Keep Your Pets from Damaging Your Brand-New WindowsNew windows are a significant investment that you want to protect. If you have pets who have a history of damaging or destroying items in your home, you may be wondering if your new windows will be their next target. We at Progressive Insulation & Windows can’t guarantee that your windows will never be harmed by your pets, but we can provide some suggestions to help mitigate the risk.

Furniture should be kept away from the windows

If your dogs or other pets are prone to overreacting when they see something out the window, keep them from looking out the windows. This may imply that furniture should not be placed directly in front of windows. Many windows have been shattered as a result of a dog spotting a squirrel or other intriguing object outside of a window and attempting to break through it.

Ensure that your window treatments are safe

If you have mini blinds with long wires, a cat or small dog may wind up playing with them. This can cause harm to your window treatments and put your pets in risk. Consider shutters instead of micro blinds, which have a traditional appeal and protect your dogs from window coverings. They’ve also been proved to add value to your home and can help you save money on electricity.

Keep your pets away from the windows by teaching them to stay away from them

It is a myth that “old dogs” cannot be taught new tricks. You may train your pet to keep away from your newly installed windows no matter how old they are; it will just take some time. Look for the best training approach for your dog or consult a professional dog trainer. It’s best not to leave them alone near the windows while you’re educating them because you won’t be able to supervise them.

First and foremost, select the appropriate windows

Some windows simply have a higher chance of being broken than others. If you choose windows that are strong and well-made, they are less likely to be damaged. It will be less likely to break if you use impact-free glass. If you choose fiberglass windows over wood, you won’t have to worry about your windowsills being damaged by a dog or cat’s claws.

We can assist you in making the best decision for your home

When advising you on how to best move forward and select the correct windows for your home, one of the stages we will take is to consider your pets. If you’re ready to learn more, give Progressive Insulation & Windows a call at (800) 500-6200.

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