Four Things You’re Paying for When You Pay for New Replacement Windows

Four Things You’re Paying for When You Pay for New Replacement Windows

Four Things You’re Paying for When You Pay for New Replacement Windows

Having new windows installed is an investment. It is an investment that often pays for itself in lower utility bills within a few years, but it is still an investment. Many clients want to know: why do window cost what they cost? If you are curious to know, keep reading to learn about the aspects of windows that make up their price. Then contact Progressive Insulation & Windows at (800) 500-6200 if you would like to have a free estimate.

  1. The Frame
  2. One of the largest costs involved in replacing your windows is the cost of the window frame. This is what holds the pieces of glass together and makes them a window. It is what seals that glass to help improve energy efficiency. Without a good frame, your windows are not going to operate efficiently and are not going to last. Though you will likely have numerous options, vinyl is the most popular option these days.

  3. The Glass Pack
  4. The glass pack takes up a large percentage of the price of a window as well. If you choose standard glass packs, you will get double pane glass with air fillings between panes. You can also upgrade to options including triple-pane glass, inert gas fillings, and Low-E coatings. They can cost more, but they also generally mean lower energy use and, as a result, lower energy bills.

  5. The Hardware
  6. Every window has hardware. It is what allows you to open and close it, lock it, and use it. Hardware is generally not much of the cost if you choose a standard option, but if you want something more luxurious, then it can be expensive. It all depends on how much of a priority hardware is to you and what your preferences are.

  7. The Installation
  8. Once you have chosen the right windows, we will schedule the installation. This is something you might want to skip, but you should absolutely have professionals handle the installation. If you want to get the best performance, the most energy efficiency, and keep your warranty intact, then you want to have a window installation company install your windows.

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