Four Things You Should Never Use to Clean Your Window Glass

Four Things You Should Never Use to Clean Your Window Glass

Four Things You Should Never Use to Clean Your Window Glass

When it’s time to clean the glass windows, there are some things that can help make your windows much cleaner, and there are some things that can damage them. When you choose new windows from Progressive Insulation & Windows, we will go over the best ways to clean your particular windows. However, there are some things you should never clean your window glass with.

The Simple Way to Clean Windows

Before we discuss how not to clean your windows, let us cover how you should do it. First, we recommend using a mixture of mild dish soap and water. You can choose a window-washing solution if you would like, but in most cases, soap and water will do just fine. Clean the water with this combination and a soft rag.

When you have cleaned them, rinse them with clean water. Then get a dry, clean, soft cloth to dry them and remove any streaks.

  1. Do Not Use Petroleum-Based Cleaners
  2. If you find cleaners that have petroleum (aka oil) as their first ingredient, these are not the best cleaners for your windows. There are many reasons we recommend skipping them, including the fact that petroleum is very flammable and a potential fire hazard.

  3. Do Not Use Window Cleaner with Caustic Chemicals
  4. You do not need caustic chemicals to get your windows cleaned. As we mentioned above, the only cleaner you really need is a gentle soap. If you use caustic chemicals, they could negatively impact the film that is installed to help keep your windows as energy-efficient as possible.

  5. Do Not Razor Blades, Abrasive Pads, or Putty Knives
  6. If you have something that seems to be stuck to your window, it might seem easiest to simply remove it with razor blades, abrasive pads, etc. Once again, this could remove linings that are doing a lot for your windows. Additionally, these tools could scratch the window and cause serious damage.

  7. High-Pressure Water Hoses
  8. It’s true that a high-pressure hose or hot water pressure washer would get your windows cleaned very quickly. Unfortunately, it is also true that they would damage your windows very quickly. Resist the urge to go after fast results and instead focus on safe results.

How to Wash a Window Screen

When it comes time to clean your window’s screens, be sure to only use mild soap, a soft brush, and water. When you are done, rinse with clear, clean water and wipe them dry. Then let them air dry completely before re-installing.

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