Everything You Need to Know About Replacing Wood Windows

Everything You Need to Know About Replacing Wood Windows

Everything You Need to Know About Replacing Wood Windows

Wood windows are beautiful, classic, and not used as often now as they once were. Due to the maintenance required, the fact that they can attract bugs, and other reasons, today’s homeowners often choose a different type of window. At Progressive Insulation & Windows we offer a wide range of windows and doors. We are here to help you get the look you want while improving your home’s energy efficiency.

Keep reading to learn how you can tell when your old wood windows need to be replaced and whether or not you should replace them with wood windows or a different material altogether. If you need a free window consultation, feel free to call us at (800) 500-6200 or stop by our showroom.

Common Signs That Your Wood Windows Need to Be Replaced

One of the challenging things for a homeowner to decide is whether or not their windows really need to be replaced. If you have wood windows that have gaps large enough to let in insects or even a draft, your windows no longer offer soundproofing, the frames are rotting, the sashes are stuck, or your windows are broken, then it is time to replace them. If you simply want more energy efficient windows, then it is time to replace them.

The Disadvantages of Installing Wood Windows

The main disadvantage to choosing to have new wood window is that they are more expensive than vinyl and other options. That is true of the long-term cost as well, as wood windows require regular painting and maintenance – which is not the case with vinyl windows. That said, if you do the maintenance wood windows can last longer than vinyl windows so the cost may make up for itself. Note that you may also have to pay extra to have wooden windows installed because they require special skills and care.

The Advantages of Installing Wood Windows

Most homeowners who choose wood windows do so because they love the way they look. They like the style and they like the fit. They may also like the classic look. Wood windows also boost home value more than vinyl windows do, which can mean a better return on investment. Finally, wood windows are an eco-friendly choice. If you do not want to work with vinyl or plastic, then choosing wood windows can be a good choice.

We Can Help You Decide What Windows Are Best for Your Needs

If you are considering replacing your wood windows then now is the time to contact Progressive Insulation & Windows at (800) 500-6200. We are standing by to provide comprehensive assistance. Whether you want us to come to your home for a quote, you want answers over the phone, or you are looking for a showroom to visit, we have you covered.

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