Do You Have Moisture Problems in Your Home? Learn How Blown-In Insulation Could Be the Answer

Do You Have Moisture Problems in Your Home? Learn How Blown-In Insulation Could Be the Answer

Do You Have Moisture Problems in Your Home? Learn How Blown-In Insulation Could Be the Answer You might be surprised to find that an uninsulated attic can drive up a home’s heating and cooling bills by as much as 67%. Considering the rising cost of electricity in California, this sum is enormous. Air leaks, clogged filters, and poor ductwork are just a few of the additional elements that can make a house less energy efficient. Many of these problems can also cause moisture, which is a far more serious concern.

Nobody wants water inside their house. Few people think about the possibility that the type and quantity of insulation in their home may either contribute to or mitigate moisture problems. Read on to learn more about this. For a free energy assessment if you want to improve your home’s energy efficiency, call Progressive Insulation & Windows at (800) 500-6200.

Often, insulation contains moisture

Insulation can happen for a variety of causes, including high humidity, groundwater seepage, and dripping pipes. Your walls, basement, crawlspace, etc., may contain moisture, which can cause rot and mold. You may even discover that moisture is destroying your insulation, but how precisely does it do so?

Moisture damages insulation by displacing air that has been trapped inside of it. The R-value or thermal performance of the insulation in your home will therefore no longer be as good as claimed. Insulation’s purpose is to help maintain a consistent temperature, but if it’s filled with water, it can’t do its job well. Even worse, it might draw bugs and serve as a mold haven.

How to prevent water from contacting your insulation

The authors recommend blow-in insulation if you are worried about moisture and water in or around your insulation. It has vapor retarders that can prevent moisture from entering the system and is designed to withstand large temperature changes. Additionally, it can fit into small crevices, giving you the finest coverage imaginable.

The fact that blow-in insulation does more than just increase energy efficiency is a big plus because it also aids with sound management. It is naturally fire resistant, has no scent, and has neither. Plus, it’s environmentally friendly. It is frequently a top choice for homeowners due to all of these benefits.

Only specialists should evaluate and install insulation

Self-installing insulation in an attempt to save a few bucks might lead to expensive costs and health risks. We at Progressive Insulation & Windows are confident that the value of our services will astound you. In fact, they can nearly pay for themselves when you consider how much they may reduce your energy bills. To begin, call us at (800) 500-6200.

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