Discover the Perfect Window Options for Craftsman Style Homes

Discover the Perfect Window Options for Craftsman Style Homes

Discover the Perfect Window Options for Craftsman Style Homes

Living in California is amazing because of the enormous range of housing styles available. The late 19th century saw the rise in popularity of the craftsman style, which is known for its attention to detail. They are one of the most common home designs in the nation and are both distinctive and endearing. Uncertain of the Craftsman style of your house?

Some of the most prevalent traits include enclosed porch, a single, large dormer window, roof with deep eaves and exposed beams, gable roof with a low pitch, pillars that are tapered, square, or stock, and wooden clapboard siding with frequent stone, brick, or concrete accents.

The ideal window shape for a Craftsman-style house

Almost any home can benefit from rectangular windows because of their conventional design. In Craftsman-style homes, square windows are particularly attractive and are frequently used in the top level when you wish to add some natural sunlight. Finally, eyebrow windows, which are rectangular on the outside and round on the inside, are frequently added as an accent or put alone.

Selecting the ideal window design for a Craftsman-style house

We provide a variety of window styles at Progressive Insulation & Windows. Double-hung windows are the most common for practically all older homes. The fact that both windows can glide up and down makes them incredibly practical and enables you to enjoy the most airflow possible on warm California nights. Another common choice is multi-pane. Between four and six components make up these. You get a fantastic view from these windows because the lowest portion is uncluttered.

Casement windows are a great choice too. They actually function via these windows by swimming out. Transoms are small, rectangular windows that are often put above other windows and frequently have aesthetic elements like stained glass. Finally, to provide some visual interest, wide trim can surround even small windows with a different color than the window frame.

Selecting the ideal window components for a Craftsman-style house

Additionally, Progressive Insulation & Windows offers a wide range of materials. The toughest and most long-lasting materials are probably made of fiberglass, and they also require very little maintenance. They are also attractive, extremely effective, and eco-friendly. Although we can provide you other options if you’d like, in most circumstances this is the choice we’d advise.

Visit our acclaimed showroom to experience these windows in person

Do you find it difficult to visualize these windows? You are always welcome to visit our showroom in California! We have functional windows so you won’t just be perusing magazine images and attempting to envisage how they would look in your house.

Do you have any other queries? Dial (800) 500-6200 to reach Progressive Insulation & Windows right away! Since the late 1970s, we have been installing windows, and we hope that you will be our upcoming success story.

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