Common Signs of Poorly Installed Windows and What to Do About It

Common Signs of Poorly Installed Windows and What to Do About It

Common Signs of Poorly Installed Windows and What to Do About It

If you recently had windows installed in your home, you probably want to believe that they will last for a long time. Unfortunately, if you did not have professional installation, you may not have gotten the finest outcomes available. Keep an eye out for these indicators that you may have been the victim of shoddy window installation. If you need to replace your windows, contact Progressive Insulation & Windows at (800) 500-6200 for a quote.

Gaps between the windowsill and the window frame

A gap between the windowsill and the window frame is one of the most telling indications of improper window installation. This occurs when the window or the opening is not correctly measured. There should never be a gap, and if there is, it means there was a problem with the measurement. This is a contractor error that is unlikely to be covered by the window manufacturer’s product return policy.

Drafts and/or water damage

Water and air should not flow through your new windows if they are properly fitted. As a consequence, if you feel a draft when passing by your window, something is wrong: either it isn’t closed all the way or it wasn’t installed correctly. Water damage is another indicator that the window isn’t closed properly or was fitted poorly. Bad odors, mildew, bubbling paint or wallpaper, and pooled water are all indicators.

Your windows are not opening or closing correctly

A properly installed window will open and close silently. It may create noise or refuse to open or shut if it was not placed properly and if the dimensions were incorrect. If you discover that you can’t simply open and close your windows right after installation, you’re dealing with a bad installation. Worse still, this is a problem that is just going to become worse as time passes.

The caulking appears to be sloppy and/or uneven.

The caulking around the exterior of the window serves a critical purpose: it seals and weatherproofs the window. The bottom edge of your window should not be caulked, but the top and edges should have a visible, even coating of caulk. If the caulk appears to be uneven, spotty, or sloppy, you may be dealing with more significant problems.

Fog between your windowpanes

One of two things has happened when condensation appears between the panes of your window. Either the seal has failed or the window has been improperly fitted. If you’ve recently had windows installed and are experiencing fogging, it’s time to take action.

Choose a competent window installation firm with a strong track record of success if you want to prevent bad installation and the headaches it may bring. For additional information, call Progressive Insulation & Windows at (800) 500-6200.

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