Avoid Making These Common Mistakes When Choosing Replacement Windows

Avoid Making These Common Mistakes When Choosing Replacement Windows

Avoid Making These Common Mistakes When Choosing Replacement Windows

As you shop for replacement windows, there is no question that you will have many options. This can be such an overwhelming process that many homeowners lose sight of what they should be prioritizing over everything else. At Progressive Insulation & Windows we are always happy to go over your options and help you make the most informed decision. You can also keep reading to find common mistakes you can avoid when choosing your windows.

Making a Decision Based Only on Cost

Will the cost of your new doors or windows be an important factor in determining which options to choose? Of course – but it should not be the only thing to consider. It is too common for consumers to simply buy the cheapest windows to try and safe money. What happens is that those windows break, leak, or otherwise cause problems within a year or two. That homeowner is then forced to replace them again or pay for costly repairs.

Instead, take cost as one factor in your decision but also think about the quality of the windows. Ideally you would choose the quality you want and then find the best price within that level of quality, rather than let price be the only deciding factor. Always remember that you are making an investment in your house and it can be much cheaper to spend more now if you get better quality windows that will last for many years to come.

Only Considering Your Current Type of Window

It is common for homeowners to assume that if they have one type of window, such as a wooden bay window, then they need to replace their window with the same type. The truth is that there have been significant improvements in the way windows are made and insulated. If you automatically choose the same window you currently have, you may not be considering the best window type for your needs.

Choosing the Wrong Window Installer

You may not think that one window installer is much better than any other. The sad truth is that some people will present themselves as experts when they are nothing of the sort. You will find plenty of folks around who are handy people who may be able to help – but it is not worth the risk. In fact, choosing the wrong window installer can lead to your warranty being voided.

Instead ask the installer if they are licensed, insured, and certified. If the yare not, then move on toe the next company. When you work with Progressive Insulation & Windows you can count on us to offer exceptional service and only send professional, certified, licensed, and insured workers to your home. You can also stop by our location to see some our windows in our showroom. We look forward to helping you have a successful window installation process.

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