Are You Wasting Money Every Month Thanks to Any of These Six Home Elements?

Are You Wasting Money Every Month Thanks to Any of These Six Home Elements?

Are You Wasting Money Every Month Thanks to Any of These Six Home Elements?

Living in California isn’t all that different from living in paradise, at least according to those of us at Progressive Insulation & Windows. However, living here can be expensive — and utilities are included in that. Here are six ways you could be paying more for power than you need to. If you would like a free energy assessment, contact Progressive Insulation & Windows at (800) 500-6200 for help.

Windows that are older and aren’t insulated

Although older windows can be attractive, they are rarely energy efficient. Today’s windows are composed of insulated glass that is sealed on the inside and professionally installed by Progressive Insulation & Windows. As a consequence, you’ll have a window that keeps air where it belongs. If you have older windows, you are probably wasting money every day of the year.

The space in your attic

Because California homes are less often than homes in other regions of the country to have attics, those that do are frequently inadequately insulated. The truth is that many home builders are unaware that an attic, like the rest of your house, must be sealed off from the elements. Insulation comes in a variety of forms that might help you save money on your energy expenses. For further information, call (800) 500-6200.


Again, most California homes lack basements, and those that do are frequently poorly constructed. The most effective technique to prevent energy loss in a basement is to keep the door shut all year. Make sure you have improved windows if it’s partially above ground and has windows. Insulation can also aid here by allowing the basement to naturally regulate its temperature while also keeping moisture out.

Doors that aren’t properly placed

Every door in your house that leads to the exterior should be snugly shut to prevent cold air from leaking in or out. In general, the largest gaps will be found beneath the door. If you find a gap or a draft, you should either seal the gap or replace the door.


A chimney may be the most energy guzzler on the planet. A laminated chimney balloon, which keeps air from entering or exiting your chimney, may be useful. Simply remove the balloon when you wish to use the chimney.

It’s possible that your floor is costing you money

If your house is constructed above the foundation – even just a little – and has a crawl space, cold air is seeping under it. This is especially problematic in the winter, when it can result in frigid floors. You can address it by putting insulation under your floorboards, carpeting your floors, and/or putting a lot of rugs on the floor.

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