Are These Three Window Replacement Trends Here to Stay?

Are These Three Window Replacement Trends Here to Stay?

Are These Three Window Replacement Trends Here to Stay?

We find that many people have no idea that there are window trends within the world of replacement windows but there certainly are. This is true of any home improvement project you want to take on, whether it’s the type of insulations that are most commonly being installed to the type of windows homeowners are choosing. Check out the three most common and then contact Progressive Insulation & Windows at (800) 500-6200 if you need to learn more about window replacements.

  1. Energy Efficient Windows
  2. It has been several years that energy-efficient windows are one of the top-selling windows. In fact, when new window buyers are asked, they often list energy efficiency as their top or second most important priority. This trend is not likely going anywhere. Not only do people want to help reduce the impact of climate change, but they want to reduce their utility bills. Energy-efficient windows can help with both goals.
  3. Impact Resistant Windows
  4. It used to be that only homeowners in hurricane-prone areas like Florida and certain southern states invested in impact-resistant windows but they are becoming more popular throughout the country. For example, if a home is located near a golf course, the windows can prevent breakage if hit by a golf ball. They are also less likely to break due to kids playing, and they even add extra security as they are harder to break into. We expect this trend to be around for many years as well.
  5. Black Window Frames
  6. It used to be that white window frames were the standard choice. It is likely that it will long be the most popular color, but we are seeing many more black frames chosen these days than in the past. It, like white, can go with just about any color. It fits in with light and dark color alike, and provides a level of contrast just like white – but it is a unique option. We do not know if black will stay in style for long but we do believe that it is a generic enough option to likely not look outdated anytime soon.

We Can Help You Find the Windows That Will Work Best for You

Of course, no matter how you look at it there are no windows that work perfectly for everyone. What we can say at Progressive Insulation & Windows is that no matter what type of windows you want, and no matter the budget you have, we are happy to discuss our options with you. Feel free to call us at (800) 500-6200 for answers to any questions you may or stop by to see the options in person.

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