6 Signs Your Window Frames Are Rotting and It’s Time for New Windows

6 Signs Your Window Frames Are Rotting and It’s Time for New Windows

6 Signs Your Window Frames Are Rotting and It’s Time for New Windows

If you own a home then you likely have seen your home give signs that it is need of repairs. In some cases, these are obvious signs, but in other cases they can be subtler. If you have a broken window then you know you need it replaced, but what if your windows have more subtle signs? Read on to learn more and then feel free to reach out to Progressive Insulation & Windows at (800) 500-6200 if you are ready for a quote for new windows.

  1. You can see that it’s rotting
  2. This is an obvious one but we do not want to overlook it. If the rot has progressed then you can see it just by looking at it. If you see that there is rotting wood on your window frame then it is time to be replaced. Do not waste time trying to repair or paint it – if it is rotting then it is beyond repair.

  3. The window frames feel soft to the touch
  4. If you are not sure if your window frame is rotten, go up and touch them. Do they feel soft? Wood should not. Wood should feel hard and sturdy. If you feel any type of softness, crumbliness, or brittleness, then they are rotten and should be replaced.

  5. Your window frames are discolored
  6. It is common for rotten window frames to have fungus or mold, which can change the color of the frames themselves. You can also look for issues like peeling paint around the window frame, as that is likely indicative of a water leak.

  7. Your window sill has issues
  8. One of the first places your window will begin to rot is the window sill. This is because any water that comes in will sit on the window sill longer than it will on other parts of your window. This is why we suggest keeping a closer eye on the window sill for wear and tear or soft parts.

  9. There is an issue with the mitre joints
  10. Look at the corners of the inside of your casing trim – those are your mitre joints. If there is a gap and that gap is bigger in the bottom corners than it is in the top corners, then it is clear that the wood has been compromised by water and then frozen.

  11. You have damage around the windows
  12. In some cases, your window frames may still appear to be in good shape but if they are letting in water then they are in need of replacement. One of the best ways to see if they are letting in water is to look at the wall around the windows. Does it appear to be water damaged? Then there may be an issue with the window sills.

Remember that windows are more than just something that lets the light in – they are a big part of how energy efficient your home is. If you are ready to get a quote on replacing your windows then reach out to Progressive Insulation & Windows at (800) 500-6200 and learn more.

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