The Right Insulation is Essential When Building a New California Home

The Right Insulation is Essential When Building a New California Home

The Right Insulation is Essential When Building a New California Home

It can be extremely rewarding to build your own brand-new home. You can get a great value and you get exactly what you want. As you look for the best way to build the home of your dreams, we highly recommend paying close attention to ways in which you can make your home as energy efficient as possible.

One of the best ways to do that is to install the right insulation. Your contractor may recommend a product but we recommend talking to an expert in insulation to ensure you are getting the most up to date advice, materials, and processes. Keep reading to learn more about insulation and then contact Progressive Insulation & Windows at (800) 500-6200 for a quote.

The right insulation can save you 15% on your heating and cooling costs

There are several types of insulation and the best type for you will depend on the particular home you are building. However, spray foam insulation is often the best option for maximum return on your investment. It works to minimize air leaks that would otherwise exist in your walls and roof, and it can save you 15% on your heating and cooling costs.

Installing insulation while building is the best option

According to the United States Department of Energy, installing insulation while building a new home is more cost-efficient compared to adding it afterwards. Before you begin, you will need to consider the areas of your home that need maximum air control. Each area of a home has recommended R-values, which vary based on the climate you live in and the type of HVAC system you are installing.

The U.S. Department of Energy recommends that you install your insulation after you have air sealed it. This reduces the chances that unwanted moisture will get trapped within the insulation.

The most important areas to install insulation

If you want the maximum benefits from installing insulation, then you should ensure you are installing it in the places that make the most sense. This includes the attic, which can help you save significantly because the attic is where a home loses the majority of its heat. Crawl spaces can be equally important. When you work with Progressive Insulation & Windows, we can carefully assess your plans to find the best areas to install insulation and the best type of insulation for your needs.

Call now for help finding the right insulation options

If you are considering building a new home or simply need to add insulation to your existing home, we highly recommend you contact Progressive Insulation & Windows at (800) 500-6200 now. We can provide a comprehensive quote that includes all the appropriate options. Call now and let us get started saving you money on your utility bills.

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