Valencia CA

The first Europeans to see Valencia CA were part of a 1769 Spanish expedition. However, the area was not developed as any sort of community until the 1960s. Then, the Newhall Land and Farming Company began to put up a mix of apartments, homes, offices, and shopping centers separated by well-landscaped boulevards. Today Valencia CA is known for its many pleasant walkways and bike paths that connect to the Santa Clara River Trail. Residents pay a special tax to keep the greenery in these areas looking its best. Are you looking for ways to add value to your property in Valencia CA? Upgrading your doors, windows, and/or insulation could be the solution you’re looking for. At Progressive Insulation & Windows, we have many quality products that will improve the energy efficiency of your home to save you money, improve your comfort, and help support a strong resale value. We invite you to visit our showroom to see our products in person.

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