Learn About the 4 Steps Involved in Window Installation

Learn About the 4 Steps Involved in Window Installation

Learn About the 4 Steps Involved in Window Installation

When you’re on the verge of replacing your windows, you likely have many questions. The good news is that at Progressive Insulation & Windows we are standing by to answer them – just call us at (800) 500-6200. Today we will go over some of the essential steps involved in window installation. The day will begin with our crew coming to your home and briefing you on what to expect. In most cases, installation will involve the following four steps.

  1. Preparation
  2. The first step is for our installers to get everything prepped. This includes placing drop cloths around the areas will be working in. This helps to catch any debris that can occur. We will take additional steps as necessary to protect your home. Then we will remove your old windows carefully and safely.

  3. Getting the New Windows in Place
  4. Once the old windows have been safely removed, we will clean up the opening thoroughly. When it is done, we will put your new windows in place.

  5. Insulating and Sealing the Windows
  6. When the window is in place, the next step is for the installers to insulate and seal the frame in it is place. This may be the most important step of the entire window installation process. Remember that the way the window is installed and insulated will greatly affect how energy efficient it is.

  7. Cleaning Up After the Installation
  8. Just because the windows have been installed does not mean we are done with our job. The final step is cleanup. Our technicians will get rid of your old windows. If there is debris that was not caught by the drop cloths, they will take care of it. Our goal is to leave your home in the condition it was when we came – or better.

How to Prepare for the Day of Installation

There are some steps you can take that will help speed up the process of us getting your windows installed. First and foremost, remove any blinds or curtains on your windows. If there are items around your windows, such as couches, dressers, etc., then move that out of the way. Likewise, if there is furniture or other objects near the access door, do your best to clear this away so that they can easily access your home.

Call Now and Let Us Provide a Free Estimate

Now is the best time to call Progressive Insulation & Windows for a free estimate. We can come to your home, assess the situation, measure, etc., and help you understand your many options. You can also come to our showroom. Just give us a call at (800) 500-6200 and we can figure out the best options.

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