Do You Know How to Safely Wash the Glass in Your Windows?

Do You Know How to Safely Wash the Glass in Your Windows?

Do You Know How to Safely Wash the Glass in Your Windows?

Washing your windows may seem as simple as spraying on a little glass cleaner, wiping it off, and calling it a day, but the truth is that there are numerous ways people try to clean their glass that are actually unsafe for their windows. Keep reading for the best way to clean new windows and then call Progressive Insulation & Windows at (800) 500-6200 if you need a quote to get your own new windows.

Do Not Use Anything That Could Scratch the Glass Surface

If you have a stain on your window you may be tempted to get an abrasive pad or steel wool to clean it off. These may get rid of the issue but they could also leave behind terrible scratches. Do not use razor blades, putty knives – or anything else that has the potential to scratch the glass surface.

Do Not Use High-Pressure Sprays to Wash or Rinse Your Windows

If you have a pressure washer, keep it away from your windows. In fact, do not use a high-pressure sprayer for windows, doors, skylights or other items with seals and gaskets. Doing so can damage these essential frame components or dislodge them from their correct place.

Do Not Use the Wrong Cleaner

We recommend cleaning glass with a vinegar-based cleaning mixture you make yourself, or a mild soap or detergent that is made specifically to clean glass. Then rinse your windows with clear water and wipe dry with either a soft cloth or a squeegee – this helps to prevent water spots. If you are not sure if your cleaner is right for your windows, try to use it on an inconspicuous place on your windows first.

Do not use abrasive cleaners as they can damage the glass. This includes any petroleum-based or caustic cleaner. They can do much more damage than good.

Do Not Wash Windows in Direct Sunlight

If possible, wash your windows when they are not getting direct sunlight. This helps you ensure they are as clean as possible because the glare will be significantly reduced. It also helps you avoid streaking the glass when it is not in direct sunlight.

Do Not Ignore Your Window Screen

When considering how to wash the glass in your window, it may not occur to you that you should also be washing the window screen but it can be just as important. If you have a brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner, use it to gently clean off the screen. You can also take the screen out for cleaning and use the vacuum when the screen is on a flat, clean surface. If you do not have a vacuum attachment, try a mild soap and water with a soft brush. Rinse the screen, let it dry, and install it back into your window.

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