Could Blow-In Insulation Be the Answer to Your Home’s Moisture Problems?

Could Blow-In Insulation Be the Answer to Your Home’s Moisture Problems?

Could Blow-In Insulation Be the Answer to Your Home’s Moisture Problems?

You may be shocked to learn this but an attic that does not have insulation can increase a home’s heating and cooling costs by as much as 67%. This is a huge amount, especially consider the ever-increasing electricity costs in California. There are many other factors that can reduce how energy efficient a home is, such as air leaks, clogged filters, and bad ductwork, and many of these issues can lead to another serious problem: Moisture.

No one wants moisture in their home. Few consider that the amount and type of insulation in their home could actually be causing moisture or could be used to prevent it. Keep reading to find out more about this. If you want to increase your home’s energy efficiency, feel free to reach out to Progressive Insulation & Windows at (800) 500-6200 for a free energy audit.

Moisture is often found insulation

There are many reasons that insulation occurs, whether due to high humidity, seepage of groundwater, or leaky pipes. You can find moisture in your walls, basement, crawlspace, etc. and it can lead to mold and rot. You can even find that moisture is damaging your insulation, but how does it affect it exactly?

The way moisture affects insulation is by displacing air that is trapped in your insulation. This means that the R-value or thermal performance of your home’s insulation will no longer bas high as advertised. The job of insulation is to help regulated temperature, but if it is full of water then it cannot do this job effectively. Worse, it can attract pests and be a home for mold.

How to keep water away from your insulation

If you are concerned about moisture and water in or near your insulation, the new recommend blow-in insulation. It is built to handle significant temperature change and includes vapor retarders that can keep moisture from getting into the system. It can also go into small cavities, which means you get the best coverage possible.

A great advantage of blow-in insulation is that it does more than improve energy efficiency: It helps control sound. There is no smell associated with it and it is naturally fire resistant. Even better, it’s eco-friendly. As a result of all of these factors, it is often a top choice for homeowners.

Insulation should only be assessed and installed by the professionals

Trying to save a few dollars by installing insulation yourself can result in high costs and health concerns. At Progressive Insulation & Windows we believe you will be impressed by how cost-effective our services are. In fact, when you consider how much they can bring down your energy costs, they can practically pay for themselves. Contact us at (800) 500-6200 to get started.

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