Which of These Potential Upgrades Are Good Options for Your New Windows?

Which of These Potential Upgrades Are Good Options for Your New Windows?

Which of These Potential Upgrades Are Good Options for Your New Windows?

It is common for a person considering new windows to be unsure which upgrades are worth the cost and which are not. At Progressive Insulation & Windows we understand you are not window experts – and you shouldn’t have to be just to find the right windows for your home. This is why we are always happy to explain some of the upgrades without putting any pressure on you.

At the end of the day, you are the only one who knows what is best for your home. Our job is to give you the facts so that you can make the most informed decision. Keep reading to get just the facts about a few different available upgrades. If you have questions or would like to schedule a consultation, contact Progressive Insulation & Windows at (800) 500-6200.

Low-E Coatings

If there are two things California are known for it is sun and heat. If you want to let the sun in your home, but you do not want to let it heat up your home, what are your options? It may seem that they are few and far between but in fact, this exact need is why low-E coatings were invented. This upgrade works to block both heat and UV rays while letting light through.

This can help in a number of ways. First, it will help lower energy costs and make your home more energy-efficient during the summer months. Second, it will keep your home at a more comfortable temperature. Finally, it can help reduce the amount of fading your furniture experiences under the sun.

Triple-Plane Glass

Most of the windows on today’s market are standard with double-pane glass. If you want extra insulation for your home, tripe-pane windows may be a better option. By adding an extra glass pane, there is a larger barrier between your home and the elements outside. There is also more space between the panes, which means that your insulation is increased even further.

This not only helps to make your home more energy-efficient, but it can help to block sound. The more sound you block, the more comfortable you may be in your own home.

Inert Gas Fillings

If your top goal for installing new windows is to reduce your energy costs and to make your home as energy efficient as possible, then inert gas fillings are likely a good idea. Instead of the typical air that is between most window panes, these options have inert gas between the panes. This gas is denser than air, which means that air moves more slowly between it. This can save you money and help keep your home at a comfortable temperature.

At Progressive Insulation & Windows we are looking forward to helping you find the right windows for your home. Whether that includes all the upgrades or you want the most budget-friendly option on the market, we are here to help!

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