Warning Signs That You Have Been the Victim of Bad Window Installation

Warning Signs That You Have Been the Victim of Bad Window Installation

Warning Signs That You Have Been the Victim of Bad Window Installation

Whether they were installed last week or last decade, if you have windows that you suspect were not installed correctly, then this is worth looking into. Poorly installed windows can lead to lower energy efficiency in your home, security issues, and a host of other issues. Keep reading to discover some signs that there may be issues with the installation of your windows, then contact Progressive Insulation & Windows for an expert opinion.

There Are Gaps Between the Window Sill and Window Frame

If a window has been properly measured and installed, it will fit perfectly into the window opening. If you can see visible gaps between your window sill and frame, then the window was not properly measured. When it’s not measured properly, it cannot be installed properly.

You Have Noticed Drafts and / or Water Damage

Air and water should not be able to get through your windows. If you walk by your window and feel a draft coming through, then there is something wrong with the window installation. Likely you have a lack of insulation, which could also mean higher energy bills. If you have water damage you may notice pool water, wallpaper or paint that appears to bubble, bad smells, or even visible mold. Any of these signs require immediate action to prevent damage to your property.

Your Windows Don’t Open or Close Properly

Windows that are installed correctly open and close easily. On the other hand, if the window has not been installed correctly, then it will not open or close easily. If you are noticing an issue right after the installation, you can count on this issue just getting worse as the years go one. Do not ignore it – contact the manufacturer while the warranty is still in place.

The Caulking is Messy and / or Uneven

The caulking on the exterior if your window is there to keep your window sealed and weatherproof. The bottom edged should not be caulked to assure water can leak out, but the sides and top should have a layer of caulk that is both visible and even. If you notice that it is patchy, uneven, or messy, then you should take this is a read flag there was an issue with the installation.

There is Fog / Condensation Between Your Window Panes

If you notice fog or condensation between the panes of your windows, then you have one of two issues: Either the seal has failed or the window has not been installed correctly. If you have recently had your windows installed and the condensation does not go away when you clean the outside of your windows, then there is a good chance that the window seal was broken during the installation process.

If you have noticed any of the above warning signs, we recommend contacting Progressive Insulation & Windows at (800) 500-6200 as soon as possible.

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