Three Homeowners Problems New Windows Can Solve

Three Homeowners Problems New Windows Can Solve

Three Homeowners Problems New Windows Can Solve

Many homeowners run into issues with their homes that they do not know how to readily solve. While installing new windows is not the right answer to every homeowner issue, it can solve the following problems. If you are ready to learn more about our expert installation services, or you want a free quote for new windows, reach out to Progressive Insulation & Windows at (800) 500-6200.

  1. High Utility Bills
  2. It is true that you will have to make an initial investment to have your new windows installed, but once you do you will see significantly lower utility bills. In fact, depending on the specifics of your current windows and the windows you choose to install, you can see a reduction in your utility bills of as much as 25%.

  3. A Lack of Security and Safety
  4. Do you feel as though your home is entirely safe and secure from potential burglars? If not, you may need to make a serious effort to get your home secured. One key element of this is windows. In fact, a large portion of robberies are the result of a criminal gaining access to the home via a window. Newer windows have improved security features that can keep you safer in your own home.

    Likewise, they may be able to access your home via an old door. When you work with Progressive Insulation & Windows to have your windows replaced, be sure to ask about door replacement options.

    Another thing to consider is how safe your older windows are. Do you have old windows that have been painted shut, or are so warped that they cannot be opened? If so, what would you do in the event of a fire? You need windows that are difficult for intruders to break into and easy for you to get out of.

  5. You Aren’t Comfortable from One Room to Another
  6. It can be hard to really enjoy your home if one room is hot while another is cold, if you’re comfortable in one area but uncomfortable in another. While there are many different factors that can cause this, including issues with your HVAC system, having windows that do not leak can be a huge help. New windows can put an end to drafts and cold zones for good.

Are You Ready to Install New Windows? We Are Standing by to Help

If you are ready to get the new windows you have been wishing for then we are ready to help you. Just contact Progressive Insulation & Windows at (800) 500-6200. We can go over your options and talk to you about what may work best for you. There is no single type of window for all needs. We will consider your budget, your needs, and your preferences to recommend the perfect choice for you.

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