These Signs May Point to Poor Window Installation Results in Your Home

These Signs May Point to Poor Window Installation Results in Your Home

These Signs May Point to Poor Window Installation Results in Your Home

If you have recently had windows installed in your home, you would like to think that they will be in good shape for some time to come. Unfortunately, if you did not have expert installation, you may not get the best possible results. Look for these signs that you may have been the victim of poor window installation.

There Are Gaps Between the Window Sill and the Window Frame

One of the surest signs of poor window installation is a gap between the window sill and the window frame. This happens when the window is not properly measured or the opening is not properly measured. There should never be a gap and if there is, it is a sure sign that there was an issue in measuring. This is a contractor error and would likely not be covered by a product return policy of the window manufacturer.

You Notice Drafts and/or Water Damage

If your new windows have been installed correctly, no water or air should pass through them. As a result, if you are walking by your window and feel a draft, then there is something wrong – either it is not closed all the way or it was not installed correctly. Signs of water damage are another sign that the window is either not closed or installed incorrectly. These signs include bad smells, mold, bubbling paint or wallpaper, and pooling water.

Your Windows Are Not Opening or Closing the Way They Should

A perfectly installed window will open and close without a sound. If it was not installed correctly, or the measurements were wrong, then it may make noise or refuse to open or close. If you find that immediately after installation, you cannot easily open and close your windows then you are dealing with a poor installation. What’s worse is that this is an issue that is only going to get worse as the years go on.

The Caulking is Visibly Messy and/or Uneven

There is caulking around the outside of the window that has an important job: Sealing and weather-proofing the window. The bottom edge should not be caulked but you should be able to see a visible, even layer of caulk on the top and edges of your window. If you see that the caulk is actually uneven, patchy, or messy, then you could be dealing with other serious issues.

There is Fog Between Your Window Panes

When you see condensation appearing between the panes of your window, one of two things has happened. Either the seal is no longer working or the window was not installed correctly. If you have had recent windows installed and you see fogging then this is a sign that it is time to take action.

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