The Best Window Color for Popular House Colors

The Best Window Color for Popular House Colors

The Best Window Color for Popular House Colors

If you shopping for new windows then you are likely considering a number of factors that will impact which windows are best for your home. One of those factors may be the color of your home. At Progressive Insulation & Windows we offer a wide range of products and can help match up your windows with your home. Read on for ideas on some of the most common house colors. If you need additional help, contact us at (800) 500-6200.

Windows for White Homes

One of the best things about having a white home is the fact that it is essentially a neutral canvas. You can choose any color window you would like if the entirety of your home’s exterior is white but in most cases there will be some amount of white somewhere else. If the house is entirely white then you may want to choose a bright color to contrast, or you could stick with an all-white look. Black is a popular choice to contrast the stark whiteness and adds a great, classic contrast.

Windows for Brown Homes

While black windows are one of the most popular trends right now, this does not always look great on a brown home. We like white windows with brown homes. We also like lighter brown colors, or even a darker brown color. We do not recommend choosing the same brown as this can end up making a home look washed out. If you are feeling particularly bold, you could chose a red, orange, or other bright color that complements brown while also adding a contrast.

Windows for Gray Homes

Some of the most popular window colors for gray homes are white, black, and a different neutral gray. Brown tones do not generally look good with gray homes but otherwise gray homes typically look good with any of the colors that would look good on a white home.

Windows for Yellow Homes

Yellow is a unique color for a house but it is becoming more and more popular. When you add a bold window color, it can really stand out – just make sure the color you choose does not clash with the vibrant yellow you are already using. White is a great classic color that goes well with white, and black is a nice classic option as well.

Call Now for Help with New Windows

No matter where you are in the window-buying process, you can count on Progressive Insulation & Windows to offer a full line of services. We can come to you to offer a free in-home consultation so that you can see your options right up against you home. While we’re there, we can also do a free energy audit to see if there are simple steps you can take to greatly increase the energy efficiency in your home.

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