Santa Clarita CA

Santa Clarita CA is a relatively young city, having been created from the union of several smaller unincorporated communities in 1987. Today it is the third largest city in LA County. Santa Clarita CA is an excellent example of a “boomburb” or a suburb that grew on the expansion of a nearby metro area, in this case LA. While most residents commute elsewhere to work, Santa Clarita CA does have some major companies headquartered within city limits providing jobs. These companies include Princess Cruises and Sunkist. If you own a home in Santa Clarita CA, Progressive Insulation & Windows can provide the upgrades you need to keep your property energy efficient, comfortable, and attractive. We carry a variety of windows, doors, and insulation products, and our customer service can’t be beat. We will be happy to help you create a cost-effective plan for making the improvements you want. All of our installers are Progressive employees (not subcontractors) and we guarantee the quality of their work 100 percent.

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