Learn How to Make the Most of Your Bay Window in California

Learn How to Make the Most of Your Bay Window in California

Learn How to Make the Most of Your Bay Window in California

windows are beautiful, bring in tons of light, and make a statement. However, many homeowners in California like the look of these elegant windows but are unsure how to best utilize them. At Progressive Insulation & Windows we are always happy to answer questions about windows – including how to best use them. Keep reading to get a few ideas. Then contact us at (800) 500-6200 when you are ready for a free window consultation.

Create a Reading Nook

One of the best things about bay windows is the amount of light they let in and what better way to use that light than by creating a reading nook? This is a great option that requires nothing more than adding a seat cushion to your bay window. You could also add a few throw pillows and hang a piece or two of art. Then place a small bookcase nearby and you will be on your way toward reading in the window in no time.

Use it for Extra Seating and Storage

You don’t have to be reading to use your bay window. You can add a few cushions so that it will be extra seating when you’re entertaining, during the holidays, or anytime you have a few extra people over. You can also use this area for storage. We recommend having a built-in storage area installed with a bench seat. You will need to have it custom made but the added use will be well worth it.

Create Your Pet’s Perfect Bed

Have you ever seen your pet as happy as they are when they have something to look at out the window? If they love seeking what’s going on, consider adding a cozy pet bed to the window area. Then grab a basket to add their favorite toys. You can even install a birdfeeder or squirrel feeder outside so that your pet will have outdoor friends to keep track of.

Have a Custom Desk Built

Do you wish you had a cozy to get a little working or writing done? Why not buy a desk that perfectly fits in your bay window nook? Then grab a chair, pull it up, and you have effectively created a comfortable office out of what was otherwise wasted space.

Bring a Garden Indoors

You can grow just about any herbs or small plants inside and those that love the light will love living in a bay window. You can even have a few pots of flowers growing to spruce up the room and make it smell lovely.

No matter what you plan to do with your bay window, you can count on Progressive Insulation & Windows to offer advanced installation services. Call us now at (800) 500-6200 if you have questions or to schedule a free estimate consultation.

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