Is Your Home Poorly Insulated? We Can Help with Retrofitting

Is Your Home Poorly Insulated? We Can Help with Retrofitting

Is Your Home Poorly Insulated? We Can Help with Retrofitting People buy older homes because they love the style and they love the charm. They may buy an older house because it’s more affordable than a new build. No matter what their reason is, one thing is true of almost everyone who buys an older home: They wish it wasn’t so expensive to heat in the winter and cool in the summer. Progressive Insulation & Windows is here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be.

Many homes have no insulation

There are two main issues we often find with older homes. First, we find that they didn’t have the right amount of insulation. This may mean that it just isn’t sufficient for the home, or, if the home is built before 1976, it may mean that there was zero insulation used. In some cases, homeowners may have added insulation recently, but it may still not be sufficient. Essentially, if it doesn’t mean the standards set out by CalGreen 2010 then it’s not enough.

Insulation can become dirty and damaged

Some homes may have once had the right level of insulation, but it doesn’t always stay that way. As time goes on, insulation can settle, which makes it less energy efficient. This is particularly true when you’re talking about the type of insulation that was commonly used decades ago.

In other cases, insulation may have become damaged by water. It could have been damaged by bugs. It could have been damaged by rodents and other critters. In some cases, it may just be dirty. As you can see, there are a lot of ways that older insulation may not be up to the challenge of standing the test of time.

One sure sign that your insulation isn’t working anymore

If you have access to your insulation, go take a look at it and see if there’s dirt accumulating. If there is, then that’s a sure sign that it’s not doing its job anymore. What it should be doing is blocking airflow, but if dirt is getting through that means it’s allowing air to pass through – and that’s no good.

The good news: There is help out there for you

No one wants to hear that they need new insulation, but the good news is twofold: First, we’re here to help you – second, it could significantly lower your heating and cooling costs. At Progressive Insulation & Windows, we have experience with removing and replacing insulation in many homes. We’ll ensure your new insulation has no gaps, doesn’t have leaks, and gives you total coverage.

We can discuss your many options when you call us at (800) 500-6200. The latest energy standards have some helpful tips on what’s required in new construction. You may not be required to add this level of protection to your older home, but doing so can increase safety, health, and overall efficiency. Call us today for your free quote.

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