Insulation Could Improve Your Health: Learn How to Choose the Right Options

Insulation Could Improve Your Health: Learn How to Choose the Right Options

Insulation Could Improve Your Health: Learn How to Choose the Right Options

Every home needs insulation yet many homeowners take it for granted. They don’t think about it until it is absolutely necessary to replace it. This is unfortunate because insulation can actually offer a wealth of benefits. What’s worse, the North American Insulation Manufacturers Association has found that nine in ten homes in the United States do not have enough insulation.

Some common signs that insulation is insufficient include high utility bills, water leaks in the attic, and fluctuating temperatures within the home. Do not make the mistake that if your home is modern, it is insulated properly – this is not necessarily true. Even a home that is up to code may not have optimal amounts of insulation. Replacing or improving your insulation can have other beneficial results, such as improving your health.

Yes, insulation can improve your health

There are many benefits of proper insulation, including the prevention of moisture condensation and better temperature control. What many don’t know about is how these benefits can also help improve a homeowner’s health.

When indoor temperatures are more evenly distributed, thermal stress is reduced. This means that health effects that come along with changing temperatures, such as migraine headaches and joint pain, are reduced. Temperatures that are more even, coupled with a lack of condensation, can also boost indoor air quality and lower the chance of mold growing. Considering that mold spores are one of the most common allergy-causing substances, it is easy to see that proper insulation can help reduce allergy symptoms and asthma in a home.

The best insulation options for improved health

Generally speaking, any type of insulation is going to be better than no insulation. That said, there are some types of insultation that provide more health benefits than others. Corkboard is a top choice for health reasons. However, it is one of the most expensive options – and one of the hardest to get. For this reason, experts recommend fiberglass and cellulous as cost-effective, easily- available, health advantageous options.

Fiberglass insulation

This is one of the most popular types of insulation due to its low cost and high energy efficiency. It is made out of inorganic materials such as molten glass or sand, which are melted down. There are many options of fiberglass insulation, including loose-fill, dense-pack, batts, blankets, and spray-applied.

Cellulous insulation

This option is made from recycled paper products such as newspapers. It is fiberized and treated with mineral borate to make it resistant to both fires and insects. There are many types of cellulous insulation, such as dense-pack, loose-fill, batts, blankets, and wet-blown.

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