Get the Best Energy Efficiency from Your Windows by Following These Tips

Get the Best Energy Efficiency from Your Windows by Following These Tips

Get the Best Energy Efficiency from Your Windows by Following These Tips

It is true that California winters do not generally include snow and icy roads, but that does not mean that we don’t see colder days that require us to run our heating systems. When we must do so, we do not want to pay more for our heating than we need to. The bad news is that the wrong windows can significantly increase your heating and cooling costs.

The good news is that at Progressive Insulation & Windows we offer a free energy efficiency assessment that allows you to learn exactly what you can do to lower your energy bills. This may include new windows but it could include simpler projects as well. Read on to learn about a few easy ways to make your windows more energy efficient and then contact us at (800) 500-6200 for a free energy assessment.

Reseal your older wood windows

There are pros and cons to wood windows. One of the biggest advantages is that can be very durable and last for many decades. The downside is that in order for them to be that durable, they require much more maintenance than other windows require. For example, they need to be stripped and repainted every few years. They must also be resealed with caulk and weather stripping to maximize energy efficiency. Not only does this better insulate your home, it can help the wood windows last longer.

Caulk around your windows

No matter what type of windows you have, the caulking can deteriorate over time. Think of it as a finishing seal that must be re-sealed. When it gets too old, it is not as effective. You can begin inspecting your caulk when it’s still in good shape so that you know what to look for. When you can see that it’s broken, cracked or no longer looks fills the edge of the window all the way around, the nit may be time to strip off the old caulk and install new caulk.

Install weather stripping

Caulk is an important part of making windows energy efficient but weather stripping is just as important. Over time, it will wear down and the more you open and close your windows, the more quickly it can wear down. There are several types of weather stripping, including options that work with self-adhesive tape and options that are installed via nails.

Replace your windows

You can follow the above tips to help improve the energy efficiency and lifespan of your windows but they will only work for so long. Eventually you will need to replace your windows. As soon as you do, you are likely to see a significant boost in your home’s energy efficiency and a serious drop in your utility bills. Why apply the above described band-aids when you can fix the issues at their core? Contact Progressive Insulation & Windows at (800) 500-6200 now to learn more about the window replacement process.

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