Are Your Windows Working Overtime? 3 Things They’re Doing Right Now That You May Not Think About

Are Your Windows Working Overtime? 3 Things They’re Doing Right Now That You May Not Think About

Are Your Windows Working Overtime? 3 Things They’re Doing Right Now That You May Not Think About

It is very common for a homeowner to not realize just how important their windows are. They may think they are simply a piece of glass that stands between the outdoors and the interior of their home. The truth is that they are doing three things right now that you may not be aware of. If it is passed time for you to replace your windows, contact Progressive Insulation & Windows at (800) 500-6200 to learn more.

  1. Your Windows Act as Insulation

  2. Yes, you need insulation in your attic and between the walls of your home, but your windows are an important part of the total insulation of your home. They protect your home from hot and cold elements outdoors that would otherwise heat and cool your home. Note that the better your windows are, and the better they are sealed, the more insulation properties they will offer.

  3. Your Windows Protect You and Your Family

  4. If a would-be burglar comes to your home with the idea that they are going to rob you, do you think they would try to break through the wall of your home? Of course not. Would they try to break through your door? They might, but most doors are very secure these days. That leaves your windows. If you do not have high-quality, newer, secure windows, then your home could be vulnerable to would-be burglars who can tell a poor-quality window from a mile way.

  5. They Improve Your Home’s Curb Appeal

  6. When a person drives up to your home, what is the first thing they see? There are many options, from the color of your home’s paint or siding to your landscaping, but it is likely that they are also seeing your windows. It is often the case that no one will notice your windows if they are in good shape but imagine driving up to a home with older, broken down windows. The quality of those windows could significantly impact the curb appeal of the home.

Call Us Now if It is Time to Replace Your Windows

Now that you know how many different ways your windows are working overtime right now, is it time to give them a break? Are they letting treated air in and out of your home? Are they protecting your home from intruders? Are they actively helping improving your home’s curb appeal?

If you did not answer “yes” to all three questions then it may be time to replace your windows. The good news is that you have help. All it takes is a call to Progressive Insulation & Windows at (800) 500-6200 and we can get a technician out to your home right away. We’ll show you the options, cover your budget concerns, and find the right selections for your individual needs.

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