A Step by Step Guide to Cleaning Double-Hung Windows

A Step by Step Guide to Cleaning Double-Hung Windows

A Step by Step Guide to Cleaning Double-Hung Windows

There are many reasons that homeowners invest in double-hung windows, including the fact that they are easy to clean. At Progressive Insulation & Windows we show our clients how to clean their double-hung windows after we install their windows. However, if you have not been shown then read on to learn the step-by-step instructions on how to clean the windows.

Get Your Windows Ready

First, unlock your windows. You can do this by moving the latches on your bottom sash inward. Then raise up your window’s bottom sash about six to eight inches. Find the tilt hatches on the bottom sash and pull it inwards. In other words, pull it as though the hatches are going to meet in the middle. Then slowly tilt the window forward towards the inside of your home.

At this point, the window should be nearly flat and at a 90-degree angle. That said, do not tilt the window too far. This is a step that should be completed slowly to avoid causing damage to the window. Now slide the top sash down about six to eight inches.

Again, find the tilt hatches on the top sash and pull inwards as though the hatches are meeting in the middle. Tilt the window forward toward the inside of your home. This will again be almost flat and at a 90-degree angle, but you will do it slowly to avoid causing damage.

The Cleaning Process

When you begin cleaning, start at the top sash and clean its inside window first. Then slide that top sash back into the frame to clean the exterior of it. Next, clean the bottom sash also starting with the interior window. Then slide the bottom sash into its place and clean the exterior of the window. Then put the sash back into its frame, and into the lift rail to close the window. Make sure that you are not trying to close it from the top, as this could end up damaging your window.

Use Standard Products to Clean Your Windows

To clean the actual glass windows themselves, use a standard window cleaner you can find at any grocery store or hardware store. If you have vinyl frames then magic erasers are great ways to clean them off. For wooden windows, use wood polish. You can try natural cleaners too, such as vinegar and water, just be sure that the mixture you find is made for the type of windows you have.

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