5 Things to Look for When Choosing a New Front Door

5 Things to Look for When Choosing a New Front Door

5 Things to Look for When Choosing a New Front Door

If you are shopping for a new front door then you have several things to think about. However, many homeowners are not aware of what to do. They know they should look for a door that looks nice but they may not otherwise know what to search for. At Progressive Insulation & Windows we are here to help you find exactly the right door. Read on to discover five things to look for when choosing a new front door and then visit our showroom at 9750 Topanga Canyon Blvd. or give us a call at (800) 500-6200 for a free in-home consultation.

  1. Search for a door that meets your customization needs
  2. Your home is unique and your entry door should be too. You should be able to choose not only the material the door is made of but also the color, finish, hardware, glass options, and any other elements. You do not have to simply settle for any old door off the rack.

  3. Remember that energy efficiency is important
  4. You need an energy efficient front door. Remember that an entry door will break up the walls within your home, which makes said entry door an ideal place for heat and air to get out or enter your home. You can find doors that meet Energy Star standards and you can find other doors that are made specifically to be as energy efficient as possible.

  5. You do not want a front door that requires maintenance
  6. Who wants to spend time maintaining their front door? You want a door that can be installed and then essentially forgotten about. If you choose certain materials, such as wood, they can crack and split as time goes on. They need attention and maintenance. The good news is that there are many materials that are scratch resistant, dent resistant, and strong enough to stand the test of time. They need nothing more than an occasionally cleaning to look great for years to come.

  7. You want a door that is durable
  8. When you buy a new front door you are not doing so with the expectation that you will need to replace it again in a few years. This is why choosing a durable door is a must. It will act as a defender against not just the elements but intruders, pests, and everything else you don’t want entering your home. You need a door that is strong today and will stay strong tomorrow.

  9. Professional installation is worth the cost
  10. There are many home improvement projects that are great to take on yourself. You can save money by doing so and get a great sense of pride that you worked on your home. This is not the case with door installation. If a door is not installed correctly then it will not be as energy efficient as it should be, it will not be as secure as it should be, and any manufacturer’s warranty may be void.

If you are ready to explore the world of entry doors then you are ready to work with Progressive Insulation & Windows. We are standing by to come to you for an in-home consultation and we are also happy to work with you at our incredible showroom.

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