4 Signs That It’s time to Replace the Insulation in Your Home’s Attic

4 Signs That It’s time to Replace the Insulation in Your Home’s Attic

4 Signs That It’s time to Replace the Insulation in Your Home’s Attic

Attic insulation is one of the most important factors in your home’s energy efficiency. When properly installed, insulation helps control moisture levels throughout your home, it blocks nose, it keeps hot air out when you’re running your air conditioning, and it keeps heat in when you are heating your home.

As time goes on, the insulation in your attic can break down and no longer be as effective. This can result in higher utility bills and difficulty regulating the temperature throughout your home. If you are not sure if you need to replace your insulation, you can contact Progressive Insulation & Windows at (800) 500-6200 for a free energy audit. You can also read on to learn about four signs that it’s time to replace your home’s insulation.

  1. You are dealing with a pest infestation
  2. Insulation that has been worn out or otherwise damaged is a cozy place for pests to live, including squirrels, mice, and birds. If you notice animal waste in your insulation, or that there is an obvious nest, then you know you have an infestation. If you believe there are insects living in your attic, then it is worth contacting a pest company for an inspection before you replace your insulation.

  3. You’re having trouble regulating the temperature in your home
  4. Insulation is one of the main barriers between the temperature in your home and the temperature outside. If the insulation is not properly installed then it will be harder to control the temperature in your home. If you find that the upper floors of your home are cool in the winter and hot in the summer, even with the HVAC system making the rest of the home comfortable, then your attic insulation is likely in need of attention.

  5. Your utility bills are higher than they should be
  6. Since it is harder to regulate the air temperature in your home with poor insulation, your HVAC system is likely to work harder to try. This not only raises your energy bills but it causes your HVAC system to work harder than it should have to. The long-term result of this can be unnecessary wear and tear on your HVAC system.

  7. You have noticed that your insulation is crumbling
  8. If you have an industrial glove on hand then there is a simple test you can complete that will tell you if your insulation is past its prime. Put on that industrial glove and then touch your attic insulation. If it crumbles then you know it is time for it to be replaced.

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